crypto package

import ""


func PairVerifyAEAD

type KeyOnCurve25519

func NewKeyOnCurve25519

func (KeyOnCurve25519) PairVerifySharedSecret

func (KeyOnCurve25519) PublicKey

type SRPSession

func NewSRPSession

func (SRPSession) ExchangeProof

func (SRPSession) PairSetupSharedSecret

func (SRPSession) PublicKey

type SRPSharedSecret

func (SRPSharedSecret) AEAD

func (SRPSharedSecret) AccessorySign

func (SRPSharedSecret) ControllerSign

type Session

func NewSession

func (*Session) Open

Open will decrypt and authenticate an incoming message. If not enough bytes are present, it will return (nil,nil), but keep the provided bytes in memory, to use them on the next call.

func (*Session) Seal

Source Files

curve25519.go hkdf.go session.go setup.go srp.go verify.go