aha package

import "code.pfad.fr/fritzgox/aha"

package aha allows to interact with the AVM Home Automation HTTP Interface (AHA), to control the connected smart devices.



func LoginV2

LoginV2 asks the fritzbox for the PBKDF2 challenge on login.

func TrustOnFirstUse

TrustOnFirstUse retrieves the certificate and marks it as trusted for subsequent calls.

type Client

func NewClient

NewClient creates a new client to interact with the AHA interface.

func (*Client) GetDeviceListInfos

GetDeviceListInfos returns the connected smart devices.

func (*Client) SetThermostatBoost


func (*Client) SetThermostatTargetTemp


type Device

type DeviceFunction

type DeviceListInfos

type Float32Tenth

func (Float32Tenth) String

func (*Float32Tenth) UnmarshalXML

type Option

func TrustCertificate

TrustCertificate adds a PEM certificate to be trusted. Be aware that self-signed certificates may be re-created on reboot. You might prefer to use TrustOnFirstUse.

See also https://en.avm.de/service/knowledge-base/dok/FRITZ-Box-7490/1523_Downloading-your-FRITZ-Box-s-certificate-and-importing-it-to-your-computer/

func WithUsername

WithUsername disables the auto-discovery of the username.

type TemperatureSensor

type Thermostat

type ThermostatTemp

func (ThermostatTemp) String

func (*ThermostatTemp) UnmarshalXML

type UnixSecond

func (*UnixSecond) UnmarshalXML

Source Files

challenge.go getdevicelistinfos.go session.go thermostat.go