autodiscovery package

import ""

package autodiscovery is an implementation of the VCS Autodiscovery RFC.


type Forge

Forge indicates the URLs patterrn available in the software forge (with {ref}, {path} and {line} as placeholders).

type VCS

VCS represents the Version Control System being used.

func Forgejo

Forgejo generates VCS for forgejo/gitea. For instance "" and defaultBranch "main".

func Github

Github generates VCS for github. For instance "" and defaultBranch "main".

func New

NewFromString creates a VCS of the given type (gitsrht, forgejo, github).

func SourceHutGit

SourceHutGit generates VCS for For instance "" and defaultBranch "main".

func (VCS) GoImport

GoImport writes the go-import meta tag.

func (VCS) MetaTags

MetaTags writes the VCS Autodiscovery RFC meta tags (which are not empty).

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