rvcodns package

import "code.pfad.fr/rvcodns"

package rvcodns provides a Go client for Release Version Check over DNS (RVCoDNS).

// SPDX-FileCopyrightText: 2023 Olivier Charvin <git@olivier.pfad.fr>
// SPDX-License-Identifier: CC0-1.0

package main

import (


var domain = "example.rvcodns.pfad.fr"

func main() {
	releases, err := rvcodns.LookupReleases(domain)
	if err != nil {
		panic(err) // network or parsing error (to handle)
	for _, r := range releases {
		fmt.Println(r.Version) // compare with own version (to inform the user about available updates)






DefaultResolver is the resolver used by the package-level LookupRelease function.

func DKIMQuotedPrintableEncode

DKIMQuotedPrintableEncode encodes a strings as a DKIM-Quoted-Printable (RFC 6376) string.

See Value.String for decoding.

type Release

Release represents a release record

func LookupReleases

LookupReleases looks up and parses supported releases by DNS-querying _release.{domain}

LookupReleases uses context.Background internally; to specify the context, use Resolver.LookupReleases.

func Parse

Parse parses a DNS records into a Release

type Resolver

Resolver allows to specify the LookupTXT function to use (usually net.DefaultResolver.LookupTXT)

func (Resolver) LookupReleases

LookupReleases looks up and parses supported releases by querying the DNS TXT "_release.{domain}" records.

type Tag

Tag represents a key-value tag pair of the DNS record

type Value

Value represents a raw DNS value. Use Value.String to get the decoded value.

func (Value) String

String parses the value as a DKIM-Quoted-Printable (RFC 6376) string. It removes whitespaces and decodes hex-octets "=XX".

See DKIMQuotedPrintableEncode for encoding.

Source Files

encoding.go parse.go rvcodns.go


Path Synopsis
cmd/dkim-encode-pairs dkim-encode-pairs endodes key-value pairs for usage in [Release Version Check over DNS (RVCoDNS)].
cmd/get-releases get-releases retrieves and prints out the currently supported releases using [Release Version Check over DNS (RVCoDNS)].



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