hapip package

import "code.pfad.fr/gohmekit/hapip"



func PrepareServer

PrepareServer will create a notification.Manager, hook it to the connection events and wrap the server.Handler with an initialized hapip.Handler.

func WithLogger

WithLogger adds structured logging to the pairing server.

func WriteJSON

func WriteStatus

type Accessory

type AccessoryResource

type Characteristic

type CharacteristicID

func (CharacteristicID) String

type CharacteristicMeta

type CharacteristicNotifier

type CharacteristicReader

type CharacteristicWriter

type Handler

Handler is a http.Handler to handle /accessories and /characterisitc request. It fields must not be changed after calling .Initialize().

func (*Handler) Initialize

func (Handler) ServeHTTP

type Notifier

type Service

type Status

Source Files

handle_accessories.go handle_characteristics.go handle_notification.go handle_prepare.go handle_resource.go handler.go json.go


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