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package devf provides livereload webserver for developers (inspired by devd). It attempts to do one thing and do it well: serve as a reverse proxy while injecting some JS to support livereloading.

The livereload is triggered by a std-input newline or some OS-signals (usually provided by another tool).


devf [flags] <http-url-or-local-folders> [-- <sub-command>]
# or using go run:     go run [flags] <http-url-or-local-folders> [-- <sub-command>]
# or using nix flakes: nix run git+ [flags] <http-url-or-local-folders> [-- <sub-command>]

If <http-url-or-local-folders> contains `://`, it will be interpreted as a URL, otherwise as a local folder (multiple folders are supported: they will be looked up in order).

The flags are:

-addr string
	address to listen to (default ":8080")
-sig value
	comma-separated list of signals which will trigger a reload
	(instead of stdin newline): abrt,hup,int,kill,pipe,quit,term,usr1,usr2

If a <sub-command> is provided, it will be launched in the background.

Example using inotifywait on linux

Local generation of the doc of this package (make doc):

inotifywait -m -e close_write --include "\.go$" -r . | \
	devf http://localhost:8181 -- vanitydoc -addr localhost:8181

Explanation (starting from the end of the command):

Example using modd

**/*.gohtml server.is_running {
	daemon: devf -sig hup http://localhost:8989

modd will send a sighup to devf (which will trigger a reload) whenever a .gohtml file changes or the `server.is_running` file is written to (I usually do that in my main.go, when the server is ready to accept connections).

To ensure that the livereload is injected on pages (especially error pages), make sure that the `Content-Type` header starts with `text/html`.

Advanced usage

If you need more control regarding the triggering of the reload, the reverse-proxying or of the local server, take a look at the livereload subpackage.


European Union Public License 1.2 or later (EUPL-1.2+). Using only the exported API of this library (or the CLI) is not considered "Derivative Works" (so you don't need to release your work under a EUPL-1.2 compatible license in such a case).

Source Files

local_fileserver.go main.go signal_linux.go


Path Synopsis
livereload package livereload handles Server-sent events and injection of the livereload script into upstream HTML pages.


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